A quick Intro :)

I am A truth-er and a Christian,,and a human rights activist!..I am a mother of two, Disabled and a carer to my bed-bound disabled partner. We are nearing an extremely dangerous and important time in the worlds history and I feel it my duty to share the workings and extremely evil proponents of these dangerous things as well as the truths of the unfolding prophecy of the the Bible and the Lords word that is happening right here and now …You want the whole truth? The full truth? The UN-doctored truth? that is what you will get here? but be warned truth is often stranger and way more scary than fiction and often way more unbelievable.

If you feel you are ready to hear what the worlds future is..I warn you it is not the best of news!.. If you really feel you are ready to know the truth of what has been hidden from you for years ..well your whole life!

If you truly and wholeheartedly want to know the whole truth and nothing but the truth then stick with me..

I am not promising a miraclespeak the truth.

All I promise is the Truth!

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