So what is the truth Movement?


George Orwell’s quote is extremely well written and straight to the point, The truth Movement is needed now more than ever.And the people who are large names in the truth movement those of which are not government “shills” that is (I will go into this in more detail later) are indeed revolutionary people.. That is not me being melodramatic or bigging  these people up as some may say this is the truth.. these people are putting their very “lives” on the line to bring you the truth!

For many years(hundreds, there has been a great plan made by only a few but a very powerful and extremely dangerous few men/women. This plan is to create a world run by them…a dictatorship..a one world government, A one world religion, a one world currency,

Sounds fine I hear you say ..maybe it does in principle..but when you learn what the government and these people and many others have done to their own people and what evil there is in play now, has been in the past and what is yet to play in the future ..I am sure you will not just reassess your opinion you will be extremely angry and also want to awaken others to this so they to can wake up and prepare for what is happening.

Our governments/banks/wars/health services/police/ everything has been arranged and led down the path they are on to get to this point by the proponents of this great plan..Our governments have lied to us about terrorism/ wars/disease/terrorist attacks/currency’s/religions/rituals/pedophilia in church and Hollywood/ vaccines/GMO’S and many other things..caused millions of deaths all can be traced back to these few people at the top which I will just refer to as the elites..

I will explain every bit of this in detail..but each blog post will go into a different aspect or this one world be as long as war and peace 🙂

As a Christian as well I will also tell you that every thing you are seeing is supposed to happen it is the fulfillment of prophecy in revelations …the rise of the new world order and getting ready for the rise of the anti Christ and tribulation..and the return of Jesus..

Even if you are not religious..It is still vitally important to learn what is going on to prepare as much as possible for what is about to what I believe will be in our lifetime!“>hgwells

So where do we start? Well I guess at the beginning see you in my next post

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