Police files on sex abuse at Gordunstoun where Prince Philip and Prince Charles were educated have vanished

Wow surprise Surprise not! Why can’t people wake up and smell the coffee..really is it that hard to see we are having the wool pulled over our eyes in all directions?


Official police files on allegations of sex abuse at the former schoolpolitical pedophile of Prince Philip and Prince Charles have vanished, it has emerged.
Scotland’s Crown Office said files on the case of a teacher accused of sexually assaulting children at Gordonstoun in the Scottish Highlands could not be found despite being passed on by the police.
Derek Jones, a former English teacher at the £32,000-a-year Scottish public school, was accused of fondling and taking naked photographs of a pupil in 1990.

The child, then aged 12, claimed he remembered trying to struggle against Jones, as he was sexually assaulted in his dormitory bed while under the effect of the painkillers given to him by the teacher.
When the boy told his parents about the incident, they went to Gordonstoun officials who investigated and referred the matter to Police Scotland.
Jones was questioned twice by police before being sacked by the…

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