Walmart Refuses to Make Confederate Flag, But Makes This Cake Instead

This really is disgraceful..they refuse to make a cake with a confederate flag..when if you truly look into history really has nothing to do with slavery and black history has more to do with standing up for your freedom and revolution and rebelling against the system you believe in..and yet will do a an ISIS cake..truly disgusting..But I guess that’s how the government want us mindless masses to follow with the propoganda they are spreading for yet more people to agree to the freedom they are taking form you every day and taking yet more guns away in the name of “terrorism” that is funded by them in the first place..
Oh how I wish the American people and the rest of the World would wake up to lies, propaganda ,and disinformation and mind control they are spouting to keep them in control..


This is the perfect example of them controlling your Freedom!
I was originally going to do a story on how Amazon will still sell the Nazi flag, but not the Confederate. Then i seen this footage and thought, It speaks for itself! So, Walmart will make a ISIS Cake No Problem, But if it comes to the Confederate, Forget about it!
People better wake up before the Old Red, White and Blue get banned, and they will Still be making ISIS Cakes! SICK!

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