David cameron How can you sleep at night and allow this!!!

I honestly thought that the conservative government in the United Kingdom and David Cameron could not go any further down in my estimation than they already were but after watching this heart breaking video and doing a little research on this myself, I am horrified that this is going on and nothing is done about it!!! And He and the Torie government have really hit the lowest of the low!

The sad fact is that People in the House of Commons and the Government themselves in the UK already know all this and are most likely involved in some of it..they have tried so hard to cover up the known scandal of the Paedophile ring in the Government that is would not surprise me in the least if they new all this was going on and did nothing or were involved!

please take care watching this..this woman is so brave and is a heartbreaking story..I really hope she manages to stay safe.

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