Police Brutality UK! Police State?

We all know too well how people keep talk about police brutality in the USA ..but with being in the UK people seem to feel as though we are somehow immune to it here..

Well I am sorry to be the bearer of bad tiding but we are far from it..Police Brutality is just as rife here as in the USA it is just not advertised as much and the government I guess is a lot better at hiding it..In this Video I have put together are few clip of just a couple of things I have come a cross..but bear in mind these are very minor things and allot more is going on that we are definitely not aware of.

Some of the clips of which I have put together are not easy watch so please, I advice caution when watching especially the clip where the police think it is OK to tell an old OAP who they have knocked unconscious before recording started they will rip his testicles out and his spleen as a so called joke!

If this does not just wake you a little and at least make you think I am not sure what will!.. There were so many clips I found I could have made hours of film! And this is only what is known let alone the stuff we also know the government has covered up!

In my opinion the Police state UK is well and truly here!

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