Gagging the Nation: Government and Corporate Trolls on the Internet

Sheeple No More

I’ve personally been affected by the vitriolic and absurd comments of paid shills on the Internet, as have many individuals trying to report ‘truth’ as they see it. I’ve always suspected there were people being paid by mega-companies like Monsanto to try to defame my words. Now I have proof.

In documents released by Edward Snowden and Glen Greenwald, there is now proof that Western governments have been trying to wreak havoc on the lives of people who dare to expose corporate crimes and government infiltration by Big Biotech, Big Banks, Big Pharma, and the ‘unseen hand’ that is ruining the world.

Not only do they dare to try to limit free speech, but in an attempt to control money and power (and thus people), they also try to defame and discredit anyone who blows the whistle on their insalubrious and greed-driven misdeeds.

Utilizing a UK intelligence outfit known as…

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