Animal rights group sues NYC over Yom Kippur ritual

I have to be Honest I had no idea this still went on in this day an age! I am repulsed by this being a vegetarian..but there are many health issues as well as cruelty issues in this..if it were a Christian doing this do you really think it would be allowed?

The Ugly Truth

Illustrative photo of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man participating in a kapparot ritual, in which a chicken is swung over one's head in the belief that one transfers the sins from the past year into the chicken. (Dima Vazinovich/Flash90)

Kapparot rite in which chickens are held aloft before being slaughtered and donated to the poor deemed cruel by activists

ed note‚Äďand just remember, it is THESE PEOPLE who own you, your children, families, friends, loved ones, and who hold entire nations in the palm of their hands. They decide if you work, eat, have a home, or die in some foreign war that benefits only them.

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