Jesus Threatens with Hell!

It is so worrying how many Christians seem to make their own decisions on what is literal in the Bible and what is not! I believe that the fact it is described in the Bible and also in the Book of Enoch.. That there is in fact a Hell. Christians should really learn to study the Bible and Gods word themselves rather than  rely on others to teach them. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is the Only way you will truly know you are on the right path!

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Reading Luke chapters 13 thru 16; are there 10 Essential Elements to The Real New Testament Message, or not? From chapter 13 and verses 1 thru 9, we see the strong connection that exists between #2, sin, #6, repentance, and #3, judgment. The parable of verses 6 thru 9 is all about Israel’s #2, sin of #6, non-repentance, or no ‘fruit,’ and how that she was going to be #3, severely judged. This is also what the parable of 14:15 thru 24 is about, explaining how that they will miss #10, the Kingdom. Verses 18 thru 21 of chapter 13 speak of the sovereign and secret growth that God was going cause #10, His Kingdom to experience on earth throughout human history. God will prevail! Verse 23 goes to #8, the New Birth, and of how many would be saved. Jesus answers by speaking of #2, sinners and…

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