Mandating Insecurity?

The Tactical Hermit


The America Citizens Right of the Expectation of Privacy. It is a touchy subject, no doubt. Ever since the Edward Snowden revelations that big brother was in fact, watching, Americans have realized that everything they do online (pretty much) can be monitored, recorded, analyzed and filed for future use. It was no surprise then that when FBI Director Comey got in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday and asked that lawmakers help find a way around Commercial encryption technology, mainly used in smart-phones, new fuel was added to this explosive debate that shows no signs of wearing down.

To get a better perspective on this issue, I found this article by Susan Landau on Lawfareblog.

Keys Under Doormats: Mandating Insecurity

Two decades ago US law enforcement sought laws requiring communication providers to be able to decrypt communications when served with a court order. The proposed technology to accomplish…

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