Open Letter to Americans… A Most Serious Concern

A Site for Young World Changers!

My concern is that too few Americans seem aware that the President of the United States of America [let us refer to him as O],  is the son of a Marxist Muslim revolutionary.  His religious leader of 20 years taught hatred for white people, and his  top aid is a Muslim who hates America. His cabinet is filled with Marxists, and he has placed Muslim Brotherhood officials in many key positions of Government, including the CIA.

O is currently engaged in a widely publicized “negotiation” with Iran [the purpose of which is likely only to prevent Israel from doing what it needs to do to protect itself from the desire of Iran to kill all Israelis].  O has exhibited great disdain for Israel. O refuses to arm America’s ally the Kurds, and yet provided a great many arms to ISIS, in the deal in which Ambassador Stevens was killed… on…

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