Was the Budget good for you? 2015!

This is an article I wrote On my other blog!

tories slowly killing britain

Well yesterday saw the dreaded summer budget. Well as normal dreaded by the poor welcomed by the rich!

I know one thing This conservative government have no conscience what so ever,,how they sleep at night is beyond me..but hey they got a 15 thousand pound pay rise whilst the rest of us mere mortals struggle to put food on the table rely on hand outs with the economy sliding down into the eternal black hole and more and more relying on food banks..Child poverty is at an all time high..even though the conservatives try to hide that with there new definition of child poverty that is obviously brought in to cover the fact that 60% of the children in the UK live in poverty!

They still refuse to publish the numbers of benefits claimants who were receiving either ESA of sickness benefits that had their money stopped sanctioned or wereā€¦

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