Are borders becoming irrelevant?

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We are today in the era of fourth generation warfare which is characterised by the emergence of an increasing number of non-state actors in the form of terrorist and fundamentalist groups. The possibility of conventional conflict between nations is progressively decreasing. Rather than overt aggression, nation states may resort to proxy wars through such organisations, covertly supporting and encouraging them.

Globalisation envisages the free movement of goods and people across nations, creating porous borders and providing relatively free movement to clandestine groups. Accurate maps are freely available on the internet to enable them to plan their movement. The internet and excellent mobile communications permit terrorists to link up and coordinate their activities. Because of the vast volume of traffic, real-time monitoring and deciphering is near impossible. As population increases, jobs and resources become scarce, and urban areas, particularly those which are overcrowded and inhabited by poor, become fertile breeding grounds…

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