In order to fight their nature, Islamic State must be called by their name.


Robbie Travers – Executive Director

David Browne – Guest Contributor

David Cameron got rather angry with the BBC because they reported on Islamic State. What incensed the Prime Minister so much to publicly condemn the BBC? Was it the lack of interventionist perspective? Was it the suggestion that the UK was incompetent and had tarred its reputation with inaction? Was it a lack of balance in the reporting on IS? No, it was because the BBC had dared to call ISIS the Islamic State. Cameron issued an edict suggesting they should henceforth be known as ISIL. Obviously, Cameron must be aware that ISIL stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, but recently in the West, there have been increasing calls from segments of commentary that we should not to refer to the Islamic State group as Islamic State or even using Islamic in conjunction with the group. In…

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