In Search of the Truth…

Brilliantly written post..we should all be looking for the is the only path right now..not much time your eyes..the end is coming..the beast is among us!

Dan Mason (Author)

Task Force 88 (anti-terrorist unit)

Hi, my name is Dan Mason and I am on a search for the Truth. To do this I must begin to connecting the dots. To reach my goal I am looking forward and backwards. I would like you to come along with me on this journey. To start let us look at a global arm of America reaching out and reshaping the World as we know it…Tasks Force 88. Since the invasion of Iraq, the unit went through a number of changes of designation. Task Force 20 was amalgamated with Task Force 5 (formerly Task Force 11/Task Force Sword) in Afghanistan in July 2003, and became Task Force 21. It was then redesignated Task Force 121, and later as Task Force 626, Task Force 145, and Task Force 88. Neville notes that he omitted the ‘current’ (c. 2008, time of writing)…

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