Name and shame this man! Evil Torie B@@@@@d! Told disabled man to “DIE” SHARE PLEASE!

tories slowly killing britain

This man is so evil can only be a Torie..I have started a campaign by making a video on youtube and putting it on this blog..that he needs to be named and shamed! he told a wheel chair bound disabled man who was doing nothing but using his Go given right to freedom of speech and protesting in London against the In human Benefit cuts to the disabled and sick..and this man told him to “F@@k off and die” his exact words! talk to him like vermin..

well i would like that man to understand that he is vermin not the man in the wheelchair and we the working class and the awakened will not tolerated this kind of behaviour to the vulnerable in society so please share this blog and my video on youtube!! he needs to be named and shamed and know what it is like to be…

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