Project Blue Beam. Holy Deceit. Awareness. Remedy.

beware false signs are every where?


True or not, at least be aware of …

New World Order’s Project Blue Beam in a Highly Ionized Electromagnetic Atmosphere – Chemtrails and Geoengineering at Work [2014 update]

Holy Deceit
By The Chemtrail Girls on Facebook [excerpts]

The Leadership And The Defending of THE PEOPLE under The Pope’s leadership – has been traded in for power, supremacy, and securing a place in the concealed and stern circle of illicit authority over planet Earth and over the human species.

We all need to wake up, leave aside small differences, to unite, learn from each other, and truly understand and exercise the right to say, ENOUGH ! … and do it before the point of no return.

Re: Karen Hudes Exposes *ALL* The Jesuit Order and her Startling Confession on Gold , Judge Anna von Reitz states that Collateral Accounts are a gold horde stolen from people around the…

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