Quaragosh & Isis: Some Things About the Christian Takeover You Should Know

Culture & God

The hacker collective Anonymous posted this video about a month ago on their Facebook, saying the  origins of Isis are not as cut and dry as the American people may think. The world of politics is a vastly complex one in which there are many grayscale moral codes, including the supplying of weapons to China as an indirect supplier of Isis. And the U.S themselves training what would eventually become Isis. Everything is explained in the video above.

CNN Posted an article including a video below which quoted CNN analysts saying:

“When ISIS took over Mosul, many residents from there had fled to Qaraqosh. In Mosul, ISIS issued an ultimatum to Christians living there: Convert to Islam, pay a fine or face “death by the sword.””

ISIS Overtakes Christian Village

BBC Also posted about the outrageous invasion, citing White House spokesman Josh Earnest:

“We are gravely concerned for their health and safety,”


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