SYNTHETIC TERROR SPECTACLE: Deconstructing the Nature of ISIS

Following a wave of terrorist attacks in late June in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait, the narrative that ISIS is on the march has been dusted off by Western governments and media – though that particular fairy tale has never been allowed to collect dust for very long.

by Daniel Spaulding, 21st Century Wire: 

While it’s entirely unclear what, if any, ties the alleged perpetrators of the aforementioned attacks had with ISIS fighters based in Iraq and Syria, the media ran with the tale of ISIS expansion, and Americans spent another July 4th threatened by their national security establishment with jihadists planning to attack their summer barbecue and pool parties. (Naturally, nothing happened.)

The beheading “attack” in France, already on high alter after January’s massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices, was immediately cited by Europe’s security “experts” and politicians, including Britain’s Teletubby-totalitarian prime minister David Cameron, to justify expanding Europe’s already…

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