CIA Record ISIS fake beheading? Real or fake?

According to Cyber Berkut’s website a videa that they have released claims to show the recording of a fake beheading!

this is what was written before the video on the website!

10.07.2015 CyberBerkut: The world should know and see it!

We, CyberBerkut, have received a file which value cannot be overestimated in the order!

Expensive senator McCain! We recommend to you next time in foreign trips, and especially for territory of Ukraine, not to take with themselves confidential documents.

On one of devices of your colleagues we have found a lot of the interesting. We have decided to lay out Something: given video should become property of world community!

their video now follows decide for yourself what you is quite compelling evidence in my opinion..but also could easily have been staged!

what do you think?

want to see more of the info this group has managed to find? here is the link to their website.


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