‘ISIS Blows Up Baby in Training Class Demo’

crew-22312There is little humor in this, but when it comes to Muslims blowing themselves up it is clearly laughable.

By killing themselves in classes, along with Sunni Shia fratricide, they are doing the United States a huge favor. 


Yep, cancel that drone strike on Habib, he just blew he and his entire class up.

The Clarion Project

Johanne and Carole Brunet

Mon, July 13, 2015

meme76cba88b6011a62dDozens of Islamic State recruits watched as the baby was blown up by remote control.

                                 Photo: Al Jazerra

In one of its cruelest acts to date, Islamic State reportedly blew up a baby to show members how to handle explosives.

The presenter in the video is from the “Flapping Jaw,” at the Young Turks who believes that those who believe in the Second Amendment, are “Gun nuts.”

Of course he chooses to be clueless on Saddam having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The incredible incident…

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