John Houser a mentally ill anti-government extremist! Really? False flag?

According to the south china morning post

John Houser
John houser

investigators said they are looking into an online history of John Houser which appears to include anti-government rants, conspiracy theories and Nazi-sympathising views.

Am I the only questioning all these sudden shooting and the fact that this one seems to be slightly different in the way they are concentrating on it being a domestic homegrown? Getting people into thinking that anyone anti government or who does not agree with what the government are doing is like this shooter? The fact that they have pushed from the beginning he is white! like its a race war or something! that he has mental illness! like everyone with mental illness is anyone who does not agree with government is anyone who stores food or is a prepper is dangerous..They are trying so hard to start a race war and a war against each other so that anyone who is a patriot and believes in freedom is dangerous and a domestic terrorist! Another false flag? Of course it is!

you can see the full report here at

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