I will NOT be silenced!! Truther’s keep shouting and sharing!

rise up - public domain picture

I work hard to research subjects in the truther movement..I work day and night researching trying to keep people aware of the evils lurking round every corner..the evil proponents running this country other country’s the world!!

The lovely people at the top think its ok to try and stop me from being able to access the internet by blocking my IP address ….I can no longer access anything on my home pc..I have now had to start using a programme to hide my IP..which I will continue to use..THEY will NOT stop me form speaking the TRUTH!!

I run my blog ..you tube channel ..instagram channel And I promise I will not be sileneced from trying to wake people and making them aware that this world they believe they are living in is run by a group of satanic in-breads that want it for themselves and want to kill over 85% of the population!

There are chemtrails poisoning our atmosphere ..there are vaccines killing your children..Food and medications making you and your children sicker..your water being poisoned..The fema camps, the coming financial collapse, the corrupt federal reverse, the satanic bohemian grove and bilderberg group the illuminati..all these things I am called crazy for..But all these things and so much more that I can gain information and prove to you all is true!

And I will keep sharing and waking people until my dying breath ..no matter what they try to do I will CONTINUE to keep doing it!!!

SO to all those out there who share the truth keep doing it ..please keep up the great work..there are so many people to reach..so much evil being done..and so little time to make a difference!!

And to those who try to stop me..


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