Mass Shootings

To be honest this image just makes me more suspicious of what is happening in the government and false flags and set I the only one?

In Saner Thought

Just a little something to think about on this Monday morning…….

Since about 1990 NRA has had a full court press to save our “gun rights”…….and the enablers at the GOP have been pushing more and more “gun rights”….you know kinda like open carry, easier acquisition, shoot first laws. etc etc……..

In case you were wondering….how have the mass shootings fair during this full court press by NRA………now with the most recent mass shooting in Louisiana got me asking a question… it just me or are these incidents become commonplace?

Take a look at the graphic below and ask yourself if there is a correlation here……

Does anyone else think that these shootings are occurring way to often?

It’s the worst kind of synchronicity: A website that tracks mass shootings in the US had logged 203 through Wednesday. It hasn’t caught up with last night’s rampage in a Louisiana theater…

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