The New World Order

Brilliant article and thoughts..well worth a read,,go follow The stone club..great blog!

The Stone Cub

*** disclaimer: the following is just my thoughts. At the moment people still have the freedom to say what they think, not for much longer, but I’m going to post as much as I can while I still have the right. Thought crime isn’t here yet, although it is just around the corner, Mark my words!

Don’t judge what I say too harshly or even believe it, do your own research, I could be wrong.

Although anyone who doesn’t feel worried about what is happening to our human rights, all this mass surveillance, talk of thought crime, all this persecution of the unemployed, immigrants, Muslims & trade unions – should be. ***

The more this bullsh#t war on terrorism develops the more convinced I am it is a conspiracy. Not just to subjugate us here in Britain, but the whole world. I believe, & these are just my thoughts…

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