What Congress is About to Pass Could Shut Down My Website

I too an a domestic terrorist just by writing this blog! We need to fight!!

crew-22312Like former congressman, and Retired Lt.Col and Paratrooper in the U.S. Army Rangers,

without his credentials, I too have been called a domestic terrorist along with others who have served their country in the armed forces of the United States Military, by those on the left seeking to take our guns.

I will never agree with any of the bull Obama and his minions serve up to us daily. 

They can all take a hike.

Once again it’s imperative to contact your members of congress and tell them you object to their voting for House Bill 2899 which would in fact create just another agency within the Department of Homeland “Insecurity.”

Write them here

Call or fax them here.

This site shallstay open for your reading pleasure, no matter Obama’s unconstitutional plans.


We’ve recently brought to your attention two instances of…

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2 thoughts on “What Congress is About to Pass Could Shut Down My Website

  1. Thanks for finding my site and leaving your comments at we the people, trying to find your home page so I can see what else you are posting. Thanks.


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