A message to american patriots…..

Awesome post well written ..do not agree with religious bit as I am Christian an Proud to be but the rest 100%!

For a long long time, I have been watching uncivilised and unjustified behaviour of these arrogant, ignorant and mentally unstable individuals who consider themselves true patriots of whatever land they live on. Anyone and everyone who tries to show them the reality of today’s world, are attacked physically, psychologically and socially. These dumb fuckers try to drown reasoning voices of honest and ethical people in a sea of hate and ridicule. Shameless antics of these morons has silenced some of the most intelligent and knowledgable minds of our time. These honest people who refuse to remain wilfully ignorant and try to make others aware about the deception of this world are called lunatics or conspiracy theorists and are shunned aside by society. 

The most genius thinkers of our times are segregated to such an extent that they give up their quest of informing others and recede into seclusive existence. Some…

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