Western-Launched Wars Exposed as Cause of Terrorism and Refugee Stream

LaRouche Irish Brigade

Sahra Wagenknecht and Dietmar Bartsch, deputy parliamentary group leaders of Germany’s main (leftist) opposition party Die Linke, have blamed Western countries for being the main cause for the current refugee crisis that Europe is grappling with—its biggest refugee challenge since the Second World War. “Western countries under the leadership of the United States have destabilized entire regions by making terrorist organizations, among other things, possible and exploiting them…. Anyone who turns the Near and Middle East into a hot spot with wars, drone terror, weapons supplies and conscious destabilization, is to blame for millions of humans having to leave their homeland.”

They said, “gangs of murderers, such as the Islamic State (IS), were indirectly supported and supplied with money and weapons by countries allied with Germany, which has brought millions of people into brutal wars and civil wars.” Wagenknecht and Bartsch criticized Chancellor Merkel for her conduct, saying that “if…

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