Greek Orthodox Bishop on Homosexuals: “Spit on them. Beat them up. They are not human.”

Are we back in the dark ages or did I bang my head or something!!!! This is just disgraceful!


amvrosios metropolitan greek

The Orthodox church is not my area of expertise, but I understand that it generally condemns homosexuality and political correctness. Insofar as I can tell, the Church follows traditional European Bible teachings, not Marxist social justice warrior dogma.

A metropolitan is the Bishop of a large city. He’s someone important in the Greek Orthodox church, not an insignificant figure.


A Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of the Church of Greece is under fire for comments he posted publicly on his blog, lashing out against gays and atheists. In an angry rant he encouraged his readers and followers to “spit on them” and “blacken them” with violence, stating that they are not humans.

Ambrosios is the Metropolitan of Kalavryta and Aigialeia— a region in north central Peloponnese and ranks as the 8th in order of hierarchy and influence in the Church’s synod, or governing body. Numerous politicians, media and public figures…

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2 thoughts on “Greek Orthodox Bishop on Homosexuals: “Spit on them. Beat them up. They are not human.”

    1. I am glad to see we are not all living in the cave still ❤.. There are so many real important issues going on in the world to be held back by something so trivia ..that so many
      People have already just accepted and moved on.. seems a useless waste when that energy could be used to do so many other things that could make a real difference.


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