Please help and share!

I don’t usually ask for help with thing..but we all know the state of the U.K. Right now with austerity and the cuts the benefits and the nhs..

I am struggling with disability and have been for a few years….I am also waiting for results to see if I have bold cancer….My disability pain and fatigue has for worse over the last year..I also care for my bed bound partner.. I was using a mobility scooter to get around..but am now in too mich pain to use this and am in need of an electric wheelchair which I will be able use more easily and with less pain.. But the nhs won’t fund.. The social won’t put me on high mobility because I can walk a few steps.. So at the moment jam trying to raise £1000 myself..which on benefits and cuts is impossible.. I have managed to save £450 but it’s taking so long and am house bound whilst doing this..So even though this is really embarrassing I have after my partner convincing me asking for help to fund it.. I have setup a go fund me..please if you feel you can help even a little please do..if not then that’s fine too..any help is greatly appreciated..thank you

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